Meditation Mala Necklaces

Why does a meditative mala have 108 beads? And how is it actually used? If you've been interested in yoga for a long time, you probably know what we're talking about. Mala is used in meditation and chanting mantras. Bead counting connects the mind with the body and helps keep us here and now and not run away with thoughts elsewhere. But why does she have 108 beads? Maybe it's because we have 108 chakras in our bodies that come together in the heart girdle. The number 108 connects the whole universe and we have 108 feelings that are connected to the past, present and future. 1 is the higher truth, 0 is ignorance and 8 expresses wholeness and infinity. Are you looking for a personal mineral bracelet? Take a look at handmade bracelets.


Price 47.00 - 69.00




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