OUTLET of yoga mats


Help us make room in the warehouse and recycle these, despite a few imperfections, still nice mats in good condition. For your help, we offer you all the yoga mats below at an absolutely unbeatable and symbolic price. Thank you for helping to recycle in this way.

The exercise mats are new with only minor manufacturing imperfections. These are mostly mats that we only used for promotional purposes (photoshoots, video shoots, etc.) or they are from older collections. They are absolutely functional, the material is still with the same quality and they will definitely offer you what a classic yoga mat from the new collections does.

About the brand - YOGGYS is a Czech brand with yoga equipment inspired by nature, yoga and travel. Yoga means the union of the physical and the mental body. It is a path that allows you to become a better person and live a better and more conscious life. The YOGGYS brand was created under the Yoga Store by combining the words YOGA GEAR by YOGA STORE, and our quality products with original designs will be your personal motivation on this journey. The lotus flower that grows from the name YOGGYS symbolizes enlightenment, purity of love and spiritual perfection. The lotus is a symbol of eternity and rebirth. You can achieve these values ​​and status thanks to the regular practice of yoga, i.e. thanks to the conscious connection of body and soul. We have been creating quality products with innovative designs for you already 6 years, which will make your yoga practice more pleasant and more varied. Design and at the same time functional yoga mats and yoga props will be a wonderful motivation to include yoga in your daily activities. Every yoga mat is a new beginning. Your beginning. Follow your breath and movement and begin your yoga journey with us.


Price 3.00 - 182.00



Yoga mat thickness



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