Miltipack Sets

Advantageous MULTIPACK sets of the YOGGYS brand. ​These are original, unique and most advantageous sets of yoga props in the Czech Republic. We have created a special set of yoga props for you at favorable prices. Get inspired by our wide range of pre-assembled sets that match each other perfectly in design, or let your imagination run wild and assemble a set according to your wishes. Among our multipacks you will find variously combined sets of mats with yoga props. We play with the colors, as well as with the functionality. We wanted you to find everything you need for your regular practice in such a multipack yoga set to make your practice as comfortable as possible and to gradually achieve the desired progress. If you want your practice to be as successful as possible, or if you are planning to start yoga or other fitness exercises, take a look at our sets! We believe that they will be the best support and motivation to exercise. 

Yoga Mats

Price 65.00 - 195.00



Yoga mat thickness


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