YOGGYS - Meditation Mala Necklace CHAKRAS - PURPLE

Code: YOGGYS-M52

YOGGYS - Meditation Mala Necklace CHAKRAS - PURPLE

Code: YOGGYS-M52

A handmade meditation mala necklace CHAKRAS with a purple tassel.

A handmade collection of mala necklaces and bracelets made of semi-precious stones and natural components in Bali. Each bracelet comes in an original pouch made of beautiful Balinese fabrics that are traditionally used for Balinese sarongs.

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CHAKRAS and harmonizing semi precious stones:

Crystal is a versatile semi-precious stone, which releases, strengthens, regulates and harmonizes energy. It encourages mental well-being and independence. Crystal provides you with protection against all evil, while allowing you to become a better version of yourself.

Citrine is the stone of happiness, abundance and prosperity. It works as an efficient cleanser and encourages regeneration. It retains solar energy, which means that it has extraordinarily positive properties. It gives its owner warmth and energy and increases creative abilities. It absorbs, transforms and dissolves negative energy. It brings more energy into all levels of life. It helps you get rid of nightmares, overcome depression, sadness and negative thoughts. It gives you more strength, self-confidence and a positive outlook. It strengthens individuality and increases motivation and self-realisation. With citrine, you will be able to receive criticism more easily. It helps you develop optimism and a positive attitude.

Coral is considered to be a gift from gods and it boasts powerful protective properties. It protects you from violence, poisoning and robbery. It helps you concentrate and fights nervousness, fear and panic. It encourages deep sleep and chases away nightmares. Coral gives you wisdom and courage.

Rhodonite is the stone of happiness, joy and love. It harmonizes the opposites and helps you resolve conflicts. It encourages tolerance and self-confidence and motivates you to admit your mistakes. It fights fear, stress and unease, while boosting vitality and activity.
Amethyst is a stone of mental detox and meditation. It boasts immense protective, healing and cleansing power and fights insomnia and nightmares. It brings you peace and eases stress, negative emotions, fear and anger. Amethyst helps you concentrate and make decisions, while encouraging intuition.

Lazurite is a wonderful helper during meditation. It also helps fight depression and stress. It provides its wearers with composure and encourages their mental abilities. The stone also boasts strong protective powers.

Jade is a protective stone that brings harmony into your life. It is a symbol of peace. It attracts happiness, friendship and money. It protects you against bad luck and accidents. It calms your mind and lifts your spirit. It is great for business meetings. It encourages a personal charm, empathy, tirelessness, and interpersonal communication. Jade also invites you to work harder, encourages your ambition and helps you turn your ideas into reality. It also stimulates self-confidence, self-assurance and independence. When you travel, jade protects you against illnesses and it prolongs your life.

Turquoise is a sacred protective stone of joy with healing properties and an amulet for travellers. It is suitable for meditation and encourages intuition. It balances the masculine and feminine energies, neutralizes electromagnetic smog, gives you strength, calms you down before a speech or a presentation, encourages creativity and prevents self-harm. Turquoise brings inner peace and fights depression, fear and exhaustion. It encourages romantic love, joy and wealth.

Mala necklace length: 50 cm

Made from components in Bali.

In detail

Manufacturer YOGGYS
Colour multicolour, violet
Material agate, Ametyst, Karneol, Korál, Křišťál, Lazurit, Tygří oko, Tyrkys
Weight 0,2 kg


YOGGYS is a Czech brand offering yoga mats and props that are made with love and are inspired by nature, yoga and travelling. Yoga represents the body-mind unity. It is the journey towards becoming a better human being. YOGGYS was created as a part of Yoga Store and the name is the abbreviation of YOGA GEAR by YOGA STORE. Our high-quality products boasting original designs will become your motivation on your yoga journey. Lotus, which emerges from the YOGGYS logo, symbolizes enlightenment, pure love and spiritual perfection. Lotus is the symbol of eternity and rebirth. These qualities can be reached with the help of consistent yoga practice, by achieving the body-mind connection.

Our goal on this journey is to create eco-friendly, sustainable, quality products that will make your yoga practice more comfortable and enjoyable.The functional design yoga mats and props will motivate you to make yoga a part of your daily life. Enjoy original designs, high-quality natural materials and set off on your journey with us.

A yoga brand made with love for all yogi souls.
YOGGYS - All for yoga, all for yogis.

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