Scented candle YOGGYS Pure Vanila


Scented candle YOGGYS Pure Vanila


What comes to your mind with the delicate sweet scent of vanilla? For some of us, his favorite sweet delicacy, for others for example, this lovely scent is associated with the first love of our life. The originality of this scent will certainly inebriate your senses. Probably you don't know, that vanilla will also help when you experience unpleasant emotions such as anxiety and stress.

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VANILLA - This distinctive scent will make your long evenings spent with a good book more pleasant. Surround yourself with sweet vanilla, which is also ideal for Christmas winter time spent with the family and loved once.

Did you know that the scent of vanilla cleanses and disinfects the air? Do you need to harmonize your psyche? In this case, the choice is clear!

In detail

Material Přírodní vosk palma, Recyklované sklo
Weight 0,2 kg

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