Scented candle YOGGYS Christmas gingerbread


Scented candle YOGGYS Christmas gingerbread


Do you remember the smell of gingerbread that Grandma baked for Christmas? Or the cinnamon strudel you like so much in freezing weather? You will experience exactly this magic feelings again, whenever you will light our Christmas cinnamon scent.

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CINNAMON - With its characteristic aroma, it adds a touch of apple strudels, gingerbread and mulled wines. Accompanied by the tangerine scent of Christmas. Probably everyone knows that cinnamon - as a spice - can heat up. Do you need to create a warm atmosphere at home? You didn't have time to bake a cake, but you want to smell a sweet home? Then this is the perfect choice!

A good choice for autumn and winter evenings, when you wrap yourself in a blanket, sip hot tea and just relax.

In detail

Material Přírodní vosk palma, Recyklované sklo
Weight 0,2 kg

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