VIVOBAREFOOT is a new British brand whose products will make your feet happy and healthy, allowing them to carry you further than ever before. Vivobarefoot shoes enable you to walk almost barefoot. They feature an ultrathin sole (3 - 6 mm) for maximum proprioception — contact with a surface and its perception through receptors in the soles of your feet. There is no heel shock absorber, which allows you to feel the ground under your feet. The sole is made from abrasion resistant rubber so you don't need to worry that you'll wear a hole in your shoes. The shoes are also equipped with a patented puncture resistant layer, protecting your feet against injuries when you walk over sharp rocks or shattered glass. Vivobarefoot shoes feature various types of soles designed for a walk in the city, road running, outdoor trail running, fitness or trekking in the mountains — everybody will find the right shoe for them.

With 200,000 nerve endings, 33 muscles, 28 bones and 19 ligaments, the human foot is a masterpiece that doesn't need pseudo shock absorbers and a thick, shapeless sole to function properly. 70% of your brain's information for movement comes from the nerve endings on the soles of your feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body's understanding of its surroundings and natural movement.

The brand is devoted to eco-friendly and sustainable production processes. It uses recycled, locally sourced materials and designed products that must be comfortable and durable in quality and style. Vivobarefoot now also offers models suitable for vegans.


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