Return Policy

Warranty policy

  1. Buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods upon receiving them and contact Seller within 5 days if he or she finds any defects.
  2. The notification about defects must be carried out in written form (by e-mail) within 5 days of receiving the goods. The written notification must include a description of the defects. Buyer must send the notification to Seller's main office.
  3. To apply a warranty claim, Seller must include a copy of the invoice, the delivery receipt and the payment receipt.
  4. Seller is not responsible for damages and defects caused by the use of the products, functional properties of the products or inexpert and incorrect handling of the products. Such damages and defects are not covered by a warranty.
  5. Seller is obliged to inform Buyer of receiving his or her warranty claim and of the process of the warranty settlement within 3 days of receiving the warranty claim.

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