Inlight Bio travel set

Code: XU054

Inlight Bio travel set

Code: XU054

The practical travel trio of popular INLIGHT products contains: Bio cleansing balm 15 ml, Bio flower tonic 50 ml and Bio day oil for the face 10 ml.

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Treat yourself with the perfect care wherever you are! The trio of products will make sure that your skin has everything it needs, even if you are on the road. The packaging has been designed so that you can take it on board without any worries. The practical set of popular products is an ideal choice even if you are just getting acquainted with INLIGHT cosmetics and want to try out how your skin will react to it.

Why do we love it?

  • suitable for all skin types including sensitive
  • great results for problematic skin and severe forms
  • products of a small family business based in Cornwall, UK
  • made by hand based on our own long-developed recipe
  • without parabens, SLS, petroleum derivatives, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, etc.
  • 100% BIO, friendly to humans and nature, ecological packaging

The practical travel trio of popular INLIGHT products includes:

Bio cleansing balm 15 ml - Scented cleansing balm contains extracts of beneficial herbs, whose task is to effectively remove surface and deep impurities and toxins, adjust oil flow, soothe the symptoms of problematic skin and restore the skin to its natural functions.

Bio Flower Tonic 50 ml - Extremely gentle skin tonic was developed as a supplement to the Inlight skin cleansing balm. The toning mixture containing, among other things, pure water distillate from rose, Roman and lavender is excellent as a skin care base, maintains a balanced skin pH, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Bio day oil for the face 10 ml - Vanilla-scented oil with a light and fast-absorbing consistency cares for the skin so as to maintain the required level of hydration. Among other things, it protects it from the effects of pollution, mainly due to the content of soothing lavender, rose bud extracts and evening primrose oil.

In detail

Manufacturer Inlight
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