EAN: 0745125296876



EAN: 0745125296876

Are you looking for a professional yoga mat that will provide you comfort, perfect grip, ABSOLUTELY ANTI-SLIP SURFACE during any yoga practice? In that case you have just discovered our TOP type, that has no rivals or compromises.

Absolutely unique, original and high-quality recyclable yoga mat made of natural rubber and a thin polyurethane anti-slip layer on the surface. Suitable for all styles of yoga, before

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A revolutionary unique recyclable yoga mat with an original design, which will be a great support on your yoga journey. Suitable for practicing all styles of yoga or pilates, perfect especially for more dynamic yoga styles, such as Ashtanga yoga or power yoga. Equipped with ABSOLUTELY ANTI-SLIP SURFACE. This mat simply won't slip in ANY yoga asana. The surface consists of a thin PU (polyurethane) layer with a special anti-slip treatment, the base is made of 100% recyclable natural rubber. Both materials are joined by an ecological heat treatment, without the use of toxins, silicones, artificial adhesives, phthalates and PVC. No unpleasant artificial odor. It is recommended to clean it with gentle cleaners without bleaches and with lukewarm water, ideally after every practice. We do not recommend using oil-based yoga mat cleaners. Exposure to prolonged direct sunlight is not recommended.

Designed in the Czech Republic, manufactured outside the EU, rit respects the production standards and EU certificates, SGS certification, ISO 9001.

Material: Base - recyclable 100% natural rubber, thin layer on the surface - special PU (polyurethane).

DIMENSIONS: 183 x 68 cm, thickness 4 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg

In detail

Manufacturer YOGGYS
Colour pink
Material 100% natural rubber, PU
Yoga mat thickness 4 mm
Dimensions 183 x 68 cm
Weight 2,9 kg


YOGGYS is a Czech brand offering yoga mats and props that are made with love and are inspired by nature, yoga and travelling. Yoga represents the body-mind unity. It is the journey towards becoming a better human being. YOGGYS was created as a part of Yoga Store and the name is the abbreviation of YOGA GEAR by YOGA STORE. Our high-quality products boasting original designs will become your motivation on your yoga journey. Lotus, which emerges from the YOGGYS logo, symbolizes enlightenment, pure love and spiritual perfection. Lotus is the symbol of eternity and rebirth. These qualities can be reached with the help of consistent yoga practice, by achieving the body-mind connection.

Our goal on this journey is to create eco-friendly, sustainable, quality products that will make your yoga practice more comfortable and enjoyable.The functional design yoga mats and props will motivate you to make yoga a part of your daily life. Enjoy original designs, high-quality natural materials and set off on your journey with us.

A yoga brand made with love for all yogi souls.
YOGGYS - All for yoga, all for yogis.

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