HELP US RECYCLE and make room in the warehouse! Help us make room in the warehouse and recycle these, despite a few imperfections, still nice mats in good condition. For your help, we offer you this yoga mat at an absolutely unbeatable and symbolic price. Thank you for helping us make a space and recycle.

The exercise mat is NEW with only minor manufacturing imperfections. This is a mat that we only used for promotional purposes (photoshoots, video shoots, etc.) or it is a piece from older collections. It is absolutely functional, the material is still of the same quality and it will certainly offer you what a classic yoga mat from the new collections does.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only. These are types of possible defects or deficiencies on individual pads. Each pad has at least one of the defects pictured.


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A yoga mat made of 100% natural rubber and luxurious, highly absorbent microfiber with a non-slip finish, which will provide you with perfect support even in the most demanding asanas.

The perfect yoga mat that will create a smile on your face every time you use it and remind you that nothing is as serious as it seems. NO DRAMA LLAMA!

Mat, towel and your personal meditation place in one. Suitable for all styles of yoga, absolutely ideal for dynamic classes and very pleasant for meditation.

The STANDARD VERSION will be a great support for your home practice.

A revolutionary yoga mat with a beautiful design and a smooth suede surface. Suitable for practicing all styles of yoga, pilates or various types of fitness training. Absolutely ideal for dynamic yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram or Power Yoga. Made of very pleasant durable suede material on the surface, equipped with anti-slip technology ANTI-SLIP COATING. The functional, moisture-absorbing surface (the more moisture, the better adhesion) is combined with an ecological material - recyclable natural rubber - through a special heat treatment. Free of toxins, silicones, artificial glues, phthalates and PVC.

Activating the anti-slip surface: If you don't sweat much during exercise or at the beginning of exercise when your limbs are not yet wet, we recommend spraying a small amount of water on the mat. A classic sprayer with lukewarm water will be enough for you.

It is recommended to clean with water and a mild detergent for washing, can be showered. Do not use cleaning detergent with bleach. Not intended for drying in the dryer. Suitable for drying loosely hung in the room. It is not recommended to expose to long-term direct sunlight.

Designed in the Czech Republic, manufactured outside the EU, production standards and EU certificates respected, SGS certification, ISO 9001.

Material: Base - recyclable 100% natural rubber, surface - soft absorbent microfiber - 20% nylon, 80% polyester.

SIZE: 183 x 61 cm, COMFORT VARIANT - thickness 3.5 mm    Weight: 2.7 kg                                                                        WE DELIVER INCLUDING A CARRY STRAP.

In detail

Manufacturer YOGGYS
Colour multicolour, pink
Material 100% natural rubber, nylon + polyester
Yoga mat thickness 3.5 mm
Dimensions 183 x 61 cm
Weight 2,4 kg


YOGGYS is a Czech brand offering yoga mats and props that are made with love and are inspired by nature, yoga and travelling. Yoga represents the body-mind unity. It is the journey towards becoming a better human being. YOGGYS was created as a part of Yoga Store and the name is the abbreviation of YOGA GEAR by YOGA STORE. Our high-quality products boasting original designs will become your motivation on your yoga journey. Lotus, which emerges from the YOGGYS logo, symbolizes enlightenment, pure love and spiritual perfection. Lotus is the symbol of eternity and rebirth. These qualities can be reached with the help of consistent yoga practice, by achieving the body-mind connection.

Our goal on this journey is to create eco-friendly, sustainable, quality products that will make your yoga practice more comfortable and enjoyable.The functional design yoga mats and props will motivate you to make yoga a part of your daily life. Enjoy original designs, high-quality natural materials and set off on your journey with us.

A yoga brand made with love for all yogi souls.
YOGGYS - All for yoga, all for yogis.

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