Neem Toothpaste

Code: LF667

Neem Toothpaste

Code: LF667

A natural fluoride-free herbal toothpaste with Neem that has a beneficial effect on your teeth and gums. Suitable for daily use.

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A natural fluoride-free herbal toothpaste that is suitable for complete oral hygiene. The toothpaste contains Neem (Azadirachta indica), which is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains natural clove and mint essential oils that are antiseptic. The toothpaste has a pleasant taste and is suitable for daily use. Neem is a beautiful evergreen tropical tree boasting many healing properties that have been valued for thousands of years. All parts of the plant are used — leaves, roots, bark, blossoms, seeds and fruit. This plant is an excellent antibiotic that can help heal inflammation, infections, fungal diseases, the flu and a cold.

Our tip: Make sure to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to oral hygiene. When you get up, rinse your mouth with water and clean your tongue to get rid of anything that accumulated there during the night. You may want to use the Ecce Vita tongue scraper. After that, brush your teeth using the Neem Toothpaste (follow the instructions on the packaging).

In the EU, cosmetics products with a shelf-life of over 30 months are required to carry a PAO symbol with a written number of months or years indicating the product's shelf-life.


Use twice a day.

Content: 100 ml

In detail

Manufacturer Ecce Vita
Weight 0,1 kg

Ecce Vita

Ecce Vita is a dynamic brand that has introduced many food supplements of the highest quality over the last 18 years. In cooperation with Dr. Frej, who is the co-founder of this brand, and other holistic doctors, Ecce Vita uses available formulas, including grandmothers' herbal advice and ancient knowledge from ayurveda and Chinese medicine, to develop high-quality products.

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