Code: NS332


Code: NS332

A natural hair dye with a timeless indigo shade. The henna dye contains no chemicals, ammonia or peroxide. It is easy to apply, takes well to your hair and strengthens it, giving it more volume and shine. It is gentle to your scalp, not causing irritation.

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With a box, gloves, a hat and a manual.

Henna hair dyes do not damage your hair because they do not penetrate the hair structure. That is why they are so gentle to your hair and keep them healthy. However, the application of such dyes is different from regular chemical hair dyes. Your original hair colour affects the final result, which is why you cannot use henna to make your hair lighter. Applying henna more often makes the hair dye take to hair better, which creates a fuller, darker shade.

The durability of henna dye depends on how often the hair is washed. To maintain the desired shade, it is necessary to apply the hair dye regularly. You'll appreciate that you can switch between different shades of henna. It is not necessary to wait until your hair grows out - you can apply a different shade anytime.

How to use:
Mix the powder with 60–90°C water and apply the mixture to your hair. Let sit for 45 min. Please take into account that the final result depends on the original colour of your hair.

In detail

Manufacturer VOONO


Za nadstandardně etickou politikou české značky VOONO stojí expertní tým dbající nejen na původ veškerých surovin k výrobě kosmetiky, ale také na striktní zákaz testování na zvířatech. Každý z produktů VOONO v sobě skrývá příběh těch nejčistších rostlin.

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