Essential Oil Pine 5ml

Code: E0030B

Essential Oil Pine 5ml

Code: E0030B

Antibacterial and anti-infective with a positive effect on the respiratory system.

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A fresh scent with balsamic and coniferous notes. It has anti-infective properties and helps fight a wide range of respiratory problems, from a common cold  to asthma. It relieves sinus congestion, helps with urinary tract infections and rheumatism and fights fatigue.

How to use: 

Add 3-5 drops into water in an aroma lamp or a desired number of drops into an aroma diffuser or onto an inhaler stick. It can also be inhaled directly. Detailed information on how to use essential oils is available in the package insert. Do not use undiluted essential oil on skin, protect your eyes and keep it out of reach of children.


Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil (Pine essential oil), Limonene*. * - naturally occurring

Country of origin: 


Biochemical composition:

Alfa-Pinene 20.3-45.8 %, Alfa-Terpinene 0.1-3.2 %, Alfa-Terpinolene 0-3 %, Beta-Fellandren 0.3-10.9 %, Beta-Caryophyllene 0.7-3.8 %, Beta-Pinene 1.9-33.3 %, Bornyl acetate 0-4.2 %, delta-3-Carene 0.4-31.8 %, Camphene 1.6-9.4 %, Limonene 0.7-5.2 %, Myrcene 2.1-3.8 %

In detail

Manufacturer Nobilis tilia
Size 10 ml
Weight 0,0 kg

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